Montessori clock

    Why choose a Montessori clock?

    Montessori clocks offer an educational and fun approach to learning time for children. Designed according to the educational principles of Maria Montessori, these visual and interactive clocks help children understand time concepts in a practical way. Choose a Montessori clock to encourage independence and understanding of time in a fun way.

    Who are Montessori clocks for?

    Montessori clocks are ideal for children learning to tell time. Whether at home or at school, these interactive clocks allow children to develop their time management skills gradually and at their own pace. Suitable for children of all ages as part of a holistic education.

    The world of Montessori clocks

    The world of Montessori clocks is inspired by the innovative educational methods of Maria Montessori. The clocks are designed so that children can visualize and manipulate the hands, promoting a concrete and practical understanding of the passage of time. Explore a collection that combines education and playful design.

    The characteristics of Montessori clocks

    • Colorful and attractive designs to captivate children's attention.
    • Easily manipulated hands for tactile understanding of time.
    • Clear graduations and legible numbers to make learning easier.
    • Safe and durable materials, suitable for daily use.

    Whether your child is just beginning to learn about time or is perfecting their skills, a Montessori clock is an engaging educational tool that promotes independence and self-confidence.