Understanding the Sleep Cycle: A Guide for Health-Conscious People

Comprendre le cycle du sommeil : un guide pour les personnes soucieuses de leur santé

Hey you, yes you! Are you looking to decipher the mystery of your nights? Perfect, because today we're going to dive into the world of dreams... with a touch of science. We're going to talk about this funky thing called the sleep cycle. If you thought that sleeping was just closing your eyes and saying hello to the sheep, hold on, because we're going to shake up preconceived ideas!

So, let’s lift the veil (or rather the duvet) on the concept of sleep cycles. Why care? Well, Sherlock, because they are as essential to our well-being as the latest episode of your favorite series! Without regular cycles, we are a bit like a hero without a cape, we don't go far.

Understanding sleep cycles

OK, so there are two teams in our sleep league: REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and NREM (Non-REM), and they play games that last all night. Then you have the four stages, which are the halves of each match.

Each team plays differently. NREMs clean up your brain, while REMs are the storytellers of your wildest dreams.

How long is a sleep cycle?

A complete cycle? Think of it a bit like the complete set of a good quality series, generally it takes 90 to 110 minutes. But be careful, as the number of seasons can vary from one series to another, the length of your cycle depends on factors like your age and your habits.

The impact of sleep cycles on health

Sleep doctor, Dr. Eve Van Cauter tells us: “Sleep is not just a break between two days, it is an essential biological function. " And that's true ! Unrefreshing sleep is like watching an endless series: you're exhausted.

Factors Affecting Sleep Cycle Length

Your lifestyle is the scriptwriter of your sleep. A noisy theater, a mattress less comfortable than the subway floor or too much coffee? Bad idea. All this shakes up your cycles more than the final twist of a psychological thriller.

Improving sleep quality by understanding cycles

For award-winning nights, Prof. Matthew Walker advises: “Develop a bedtime routine and stick to it.” It's like streaming your favorite series at set times – your body loves regularity.


Come on, let's recap: understanding the seasonality of your sleep cycles is the key to winning the Golden Globe for Best Sleeper. Apply this information, and your nights will be as refreshing as a light breeze on a hot summer night.

And as Dr. Michael Breus would say: “The quality of your sleep is as important as its duration. » So, take care of your sleep cycle, and make each night a masterpiece.

Sleep cycle , Sleep duration , Sleep quality , repeat after me. Now that you know the magic words, go put them into practice, and may the force of good night's sleep be with you!

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